Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadrat ilahi. This year is the best puasa record ever.although its a though one but i managed to achieve my goals.For the first time i miss only 3 days of fasting.Also had successfully finish my degree program requirement. Alhamdulillah ...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bulan Rejab..

Tup..Tup.. dah bulan rejab..this is the month that i usually kelam kabut nak ganti puasa..harharhar..so sempena hari khamis ni i puasa ganti plus puasa sunat skali. mummy pun tak tau i puasa today..coz tak sempat bg tau.so i should not expect any delicious food for berbuka today.today i got class so i will break my fast at Uitm in the class...huhuhu..the first day usually letih..now starting to feel the hunger oredi..kerja pun takde mood..that's why i update my blog sat.will continue working later after solat..daaa

New Final Semester 2007

Unbelievable..i am now in my last semester of my studies.which means i have to concentrate to my thesis.yup!Finally, my project paper..for BBA (Hons) HRM.Rite now i need to prepare the proposal.i decided to do on "Factors contributing to organizational commitment"..fuh..susah!i dont know why i do this topic.i just wanna finish my study and graduate soon.besides thesis, i also do issues in HRM course.this course requires me to organize 2 events.There's a lot of work to do.i was assigned to be the secretary for both projects.memang byk kerja..clash plak denag thesis..huh..tak menang tangan you!anyway all i wish now is to graduate with CGPA 3 pointer.

Port Dickson Trip 2007

Holiday lagi!!..one week after Langkawi trip i went to Port Dickson with my friends.It was great!i got a chance to ride a banana boat..and jetski.syok habis!we all stay at gloria beach..first day we mandi kat Teluk kemang...although ramai org kata dirty..but it was not that bad.we had lots of fun.riding banana boat was the best la..because the boat man purposely make us fall in the water!At first semua tak ready to fall so air masuk hidung laa...second time we all get ready.by the time boatman nak pusing jek we all tahan nafas and all of us gedebush!sumer jatuh..then we all naik jetski ... masing2 nak tunjuk teror bawak laju..tapi sampai kat ombak kuat trus slow down...hahaha!that day i berendam dalam air laut almost 3 1/2 hrs.sampai kecut kaki tangan.The next day early morning we mandi kat swimming pool plak.ramai sgt org so just berendam je la..tu pun lama jugak..3 hrs dok dlm air jek..fuh..memang fully utilize our time.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Langkawi Trip 2007

Best holiday ever...My family and i went to Langkawi for cuti-cuti Malaysia activity.It was fantastic!We really enjoy our holiday.i took a leave on Friday..so we all shoot to kedah on thursday nite...reach Bee Bee Park around 2.30a.m..surprisingly we received a loud greetings..from dogs..quite scary..about 4-5 dogs welcome us.They were really near until mummy feel like jumping into the car on dad's side..hillarious!..after a while they went off..because of the noise little siti kasarah (my niece) woke up and greet us as well.that nite yus and i watched 'Waris Jari hantu" until about 5 a.m baru we both sleep. 2 hours later we woke up and head to Kuala Kedah
We took off to langkawi at 8.30a.m..about 45 mins in the ferry..luckly smooth ride..so each of us were very excited to explore the island.we went to Pakcik's house and settle things down.had breakfast/lunch.After friday prayer, we went to Gunung Mak Cincang for Cable car.Fuiyoo..the moment i hop in the cable car only i knew my fear of height..it was so high that i cant even move an inch and just stuck to the chair.yet yusri kept standing and moving around like nobody business.huh..i kept screaming to make him sit. When we reach up.. the scenery...it takes my breath away!how do i put in word..it was fantastic..we can see the whole island!beautiful.So i took pictures all the way..there is a bridge that link from the mountain to another..jambatan gantung!memang syok!On the ground i get a chance to play and hold rabbits..busuk..but cute giler!Later in the evening we all had steamboat for dinner at Pelangi Hotel near Pantai Cenang.
The next day..as early as 8.30am we shoot to jeti Kuah..With RM180 we booked a boat and go for island hopping!There are 11 of us .. memang kechoh!..orang pekan ke laut!semua nak dok depan boat..konon konon adventures..but some places..it turns out we could not open our eyes due to rain..so we turn and face back.we pass Pulau Dayang Bunting and stop the boat to take pictures.. in the middle of the ocean!..mummy dah gubra dah...ingatkan boat rosak ke whatsoever..hahaha!sampai kat Pulau dayang Bunting the boatman let us have 1 hour visit and leave our bags in the boat.so we climb to the lake.i was the first to jump in the lake followed by dad..lake water is dark and yus has no gut to jump in so he stay with the rest watching me happily swimming ..then we head to our boat in wet clothes and ready for our next trip...
Our second stop is at eagles territory for eagle feeding..Fantastic!there are about 20 eagles flying on top of us and we throw chicken inner intestine to feed the eagles..nice view..the boatman told us that if we come earlier there will be about 100 eagles flying to be feed. Then we went to Pulau Singa and had so much fun at the beras basah beach.We all semua lepas geram mandi laut.Cool clear water, clean sandy beach..it was heaven.
Many pictures were taken..Langkawi is cool.on our way back we planned for another trip to langkawi. the next time we aim for Pulau Payar..i really hope to experience snorkeling there.i also had a chance to spend rm150 for my fav.chocolate at Langkawi.we went back to Kuala Kedah on the same day .. Thanks to pakcik Jan & Family, Yasmin, mak Chak', Aunty Wah and Siti for this wonderful holiday..

Monday, April 23, 2007

Too much work to do yet too little time i have..huh!actually dah ketaq perut nak exam nih..but trying to maintain cool..office work not to worry much..coz everything is under control still..but dunno la later kan..dah la end of the month nih...need to prepare staff salary..hopefully bleh dpt awal..at least before 27th April..since i dah start cuti that day..so kesian bebudak opis kene tunggu sampai 4th May coz i'll be on leave..huh..lambat giler..but if 26th blom dpt gaji lagi i will come to office after my exam on 27th..in the afternoon..sacrifice my leave for the salary day..as long as dapat gaji!..hmm...i am such a good worker!..huhuhuhu..Exam!Exam!..i hate sitting for Exam!..huhuhu..

Friday, April 20, 2007


April...Bila April...(Lagu Fazley).Early April...was good..prosperous..free..full of excitements..i got my salary increased..i get to save more..i also get to spend more..it was soo good until it enters middle April..everything changed! My work load increased..too many assignments...tests to catch up..i miss my heavenly bedtime..alias was not around..i almost got sick..but alhamdulillah..i'm still in good health.now April is towards the end..another tsunami will come..the final exam!..exactly 1 week left for my first killer paper..the employment Law..that wolud be on 27th april..with 2 days gap i have to sit for another killer paper strategic mgmt(30th April)..then i have another 2 days gap for the next killer paper compensation mgmt(3rd May)..I am lucky still ..coz during that examination week..there will be public Holidays in between..so i just need to apply for 3 days leave..that entitles me for 1 whole week leaves. Thanks to Allah S.W.T.with that whole week of holiday i can consentrate to study.Although i should have studied throughout the semester..and should not wait till the end of semester to study!Hopefully i can do well..and wish for a clearer sky in May...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Glamorous Wedding..

10th March 2007 ..My CUz..Abg Lah and preety Yas..got married.Congratulation!...the glamorous reception was on the next day..i got to be the instant millionair that nite..coz was choosen to hold "the Handbang"..the wedding was fantastic..rugi sape tak dtg..good food, good looks, byk artist dtg..so i ada chance laa to take pics ..so much fun taking pictures..i downloaded some of the pics for my blog..(since dah lama tak update)..

Lonely..i'm so lonely..i have no body..lalalala..

huhuhuhu..too sad...too bored...too lonely..huhuhuhu...me..left alone in the office..working alone..eating alone..driving alone..gaming alone..all alone.huhuhu...nak dengar music pun tak syok dah.but life goes on..things have changed a lot..so its time for me to change too..

Monday, February 26, 2007

Congrat Kak Siti!

What on earth is happening to Lotus West?everyone is quitting!i wonder what will happen next!when will it be my turn to leave...oh..gosh..Actually..i just got a news that kak siti secured the job she applied!...alhamdulillah!..i heared that her interview was tough...but she managed.Lucky her!..Congratulation kak siti on your new job..dah keje nnt jgn la lupe i kat sini..maybe we can still have lunch together..hhmm..kak siti dah follow kak fyza's steps..both dapat company besar..like i wish..to get a job at a large and stable company..rite now i will carry on applying for jobs and prey to get one!

Monday Morning!

Good Morning...Today i feel very lazy...i'm not in the mood to do my work..i even think to resign from my job on the spot!..but it's imposible for me thou..i can't think of any good thing now!i'm just so bored ...tired...restless...i know this is a bad sign.oh..god!my assignments..Aaarrrgghhh! so much to do yet too little time to think...i wanna quit!help me somebody..pleeeazze!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


February...It's been soo long that i have not post anything here..coz i've been busy enjoying my wonderful life..many things happened since january 1st 2007..i started my new semester of my study with 4 killer subjects to score..which means more assignments comming..hopefully i can catch up with both my study and my career...my drive has been pimp by my cuz ee...it's hot red now!..besides that, i do involve in the preparation of bunga telur and hantaran for my cuz abg. Lah..the artist..But the most shocking news is that..my boss..kak fyza is quiting!..well..she got a better offer of course that's why...she will be reporting to Scomi Group by march!what a great offer she had.how i wish to be like her...for me...i need to continue what she has been doin' here in Lotus..which means..i got promoted!Congratulation to both of us!Yea!!But i dunno i can take it or not..i'try do what i can.it's not easy u know..well..wish me luck!
Above all, i wanna take this opportunity to congratulate my good friend a.k.a my boss..kak fyza..i wish u all the best and i thank u for all ur hard work to polish me to become a better person..Thank You sis..appreciate it.i hope that we can still be good friend and please keep in touch!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Hari Raya Aidiladha

One of the celebrations that remind me of good food is Hari Raya..No matter Aidilfitri or Aidiladha..the foods are fabulous!We had the tasty Ayam Golek MakTuk every time hari raya comes.This year, we celebrate Hari raya at Pak Lang Dan's big house.As erly as 11.30a.m the lunch is ready!Nasi Tomato served with ayam golek, jelatah, kurma, rendang, ayam masak merah..and many more..We didn't have the chance to take photos there coz Mak Ngah & Family had to rush back home for their guests..My family too went back early as my grandma Atah is heading off to Kedah the same day.But i managed to take pictures of myself and mum in our new baju kurung..