Friday, April 20, 2007


April...Bila April...(Lagu Fazley).Early April...was of excitements..i got my salary increased..i get to save more..i also get to spend was soo good until it enters middle April..everything changed! My work load increased..too many assignments...tests to catch up..i miss my heavenly bedtime..alias was not around..i almost got sick..but alhamdulillah..i'm still in good April is towards the end..another tsunami will come..the final exam!..exactly 1 week left for my first killer paper..the employment Law..that wolud be on 27th april..with 2 days gap i have to sit for another killer paper strategic mgmt(30th April)..then i have another 2 days gap for the next killer paper compensation mgmt(3rd May)..I am lucky still ..coz during that examination week..there will be public Holidays in i just need to apply for 3 days leave..that entitles me for 1 whole week leaves. Thanks to Allah S.W.T.with that whole week of holiday i can consentrate to study.Although i should have studied throughout the semester..and should not wait till the end of semester to study!Hopefully i can do well..and wish for a clearer sky in May...

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