Monday, February 26, 2007

Congrat Kak Siti!

What on earth is happening to Lotus West?everyone is quitting!i wonder what will happen next!when will it be my turn to leave...oh..gosh..Actually..i just got a news that kak siti secured the job she applied!...alhamdulillah!..i heared that her interview was tough...but she managed.Lucky her!..Congratulation kak siti on your new job..dah keje nnt jgn la lupe i kat sini..maybe we can still have lunch together..hhmm..kak siti dah follow kak fyza's steps..both dapat company i get a job at a large and stable company..rite now i will carry on applying for jobs and prey to get one!

Monday Morning!

Good Morning...Today i feel very lazy...i'm not in the mood to do my work..i even think to resign from my job on the spot!..but it's imposible for me thou..i can't think of any good thing now!i'm just so bored ...tired...restless...i know this is a bad sign.oh..god!my assignments..Aaarrrgghhh! so much to do yet too little time to think...i wanna quit!help me somebody..pleeeazze!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


February...It's been soo long that i have not post anything here..coz i've been busy enjoying my wonderful life..many things happened since january 1st 2007..i started my new semester of my study with 4 killer subjects to score..which means more assignments comming..hopefully i can catch up with both my study and my drive has been pimp by my cuz's hot red now!..besides that, i do involve in the preparation of bunga telur and hantaran for my cuz abg. Lah..the artist..But the most shocking news is boss..kak fyza is quiting!..well..she got a better offer of course that's why...she will be reporting to Scomi Group by march!what a great offer she i wish to be like her...for me...i need to continue what she has been doin' here in Lotus..which means..i got promoted!Congratulation to both of us!Yea!!But i dunno i can take it or not..i'try do what i's not easy u know..well..wish me luck!
Above all, i wanna take this opportunity to congratulate my good friend a.k.a my boss..kak fyza..i wish u all the best and i thank u for all ur hard work to polish me to become a better person..Thank You sis..appreciate it.i hope that we can still be good friend and please keep in touch!