Wednesday, February 21, 2007


February...It's been soo long that i have not post anything here..coz i've been busy enjoying my wonderful life..many things happened since january 1st 2007..i started my new semester of my study with 4 killer subjects to score..which means more assignments comming..hopefully i can catch up with both my study and my drive has been pimp by my cuz's hot red now!..besides that, i do involve in the preparation of bunga telur and hantaran for my cuz abg. Lah..the artist..But the most shocking news is boss..kak fyza is quiting!..well..she got a better offer of course that's why...she will be reporting to Scomi Group by march!what a great offer she i wish to be like her...for me...i need to continue what she has been doin' here in Lotus..which means..i got promoted!Congratulation to both of us!Yea!!But i dunno i can take it or not..i'try do what i's not easy u know..well..wish me luck!
Above all, i wanna take this opportunity to congratulate my good friend a.k.a my boss..kak fyza..i wish u all the best and i thank u for all ur hard work to polish me to become a better person..Thank You sis..appreciate it.i hope that we can still be good friend and please keep in touch!

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