Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Final Semester 2007

Unbelievable..i am now in my last semester of my studies.which means i have to concentrate to my thesis.yup!Finally, my project paper..for BBA (Hons) HRM.Rite now i need to prepare the proposal.i decided to do on "Factors contributing to organizational commitment"..fuh..susah!i dont know why i do this topic.i just wanna finish my study and graduate soon.besides thesis, i also do issues in HRM course.this course requires me to organize 2 events.There's a lot of work to do.i was assigned to be the secretary for both projects.memang byk kerja..clash plak denag thesis..huh..tak menang tangan you!anyway all i wish now is to graduate with CGPA 3 pointer.

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