Thursday, August 2, 2007

Port Dickson Trip 2007

Holiday lagi!! week after Langkawi trip i went to Port Dickson with my friends.It was great!i got a chance to ride a banana boat..and jetski.syok habis!we all stay at gloria beach..first day we mandi kat Teluk kemang...although ramai org kata dirty..but it was not that bad.we had lots of fun.riding banana boat was the best la..because the boat man purposely make us fall in the water!At first semua tak ready to fall so air masuk hidung laa...second time we all get the time boatman nak pusing jek we all tahan nafas and all of us gedebush!sumer jatuh..then we all naik jetski ... masing2 nak tunjuk teror bawak laju..tapi sampai kat ombak kuat trus slow down...hahaha!that day i berendam dalam air laut almost 3 1/2 hrs.sampai kecut kaki tangan.The next day early morning we mandi kat swimming pool plak.ramai sgt org so just berendam je la..tu pun lama jugak..3 hrs dok dlm air jek..fuh..memang fully utilize our time.

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