Monday, April 23, 2007

Too much work to do yet too little time i have..huh!actually dah ketaq perut nak exam nih..but trying to maintain work not to worry much..coz everything is under control still..but dunno la later kan..dah la end of the month nih...need to prepare staff salary..hopefully bleh dpt least before 27th April..since i dah start cuti that kesian bebudak opis kene tunggu sampai 4th May coz i'll be on leave..huh..lambat giler..but if 26th blom dpt gaji lagi i will come to office after my exam on the afternoon..sacrifice my leave for the salary long as dapat gaji!..hmm...i am such a good worker!..huhuhuhu..Exam!Exam!..i hate sitting for Exam!..huhuhu..

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