Thursday, July 26, 2007

Langkawi Trip 2007

Best holiday ever...My family and i went to Langkawi for cuti-cuti Malaysia activity.It was fantastic!We really enjoy our holiday.i took a leave on we all shoot to kedah on thursday nite...reach Bee Bee Park around 2.30a.m..surprisingly we received a loud greetings..from dogs..quite scary..about 4-5 dogs welcome us.They were really near until mummy feel like jumping into the car on dad's side..hillarious!..after a while they went off..because of the noise little siti kasarah (my niece) woke up and greet us as well.that nite yus and i watched 'Waris Jari hantu" until about 5 a.m baru we both sleep. 2 hours later we woke up and head to Kuala Kedah
We took off to langkawi at 8.30a.m..about 45 mins in the ferry..luckly smooth each of us were very excited to explore the island.we went to Pakcik's house and settle things down.had breakfast/lunch.After friday prayer, we went to Gunung Mak Cincang for Cable car.Fuiyoo..the moment i hop in the cable car only i knew my fear of was so high that i cant even move an inch and just stuck to the chair.yet yusri kept standing and moving around like nobody business.huh..i kept screaming to make him sit. When we reach up.. the takes my breath away!how do i put in was fantastic..we can see the whole island!beautiful.So i took pictures all the way..there is a bridge that link from the mountain to another..jambatan gantung!memang syok!On the ground i get a chance to play and hold rabbits..busuk..but cute giler!Later in the evening we all had steamboat for dinner at Pelangi Hotel near Pantai Cenang.
The next early as 8.30am we shoot to jeti Kuah..With RM180 we booked a boat and go for island hopping!There are 11 of us .. memang kechoh!..orang pekan ke laut!semua nak dok depan boat..konon konon adventures..but some turns out we could not open our eyes due to we turn and face back.we pass Pulau Dayang Bunting and stop the boat to take pictures.. in the middle of the ocean!..mummy dah gubra dah...ingatkan boat rosak ke whatsoever..hahaha!sampai kat Pulau dayang Bunting the boatman let us have 1 hour visit and leave our bags in the we climb to the lake.i was the first to jump in the lake followed by dad..lake water is dark and yus has no gut to jump in so he stay with the rest watching me happily swimming ..then we head to our boat in wet clothes and ready for our next trip...
Our second stop is at eagles territory for eagle feeding..Fantastic!there are about 20 eagles flying on top of us and we throw chicken inner intestine to feed the eagles..nice view..the boatman told us that if we come earlier there will be about 100 eagles flying to be feed. Then we went to Pulau Singa and had so much fun at the beras basah beach.We all semua lepas geram mandi laut.Cool clear water, clean sandy was heaven.
Many pictures were taken..Langkawi is cool.on our way back we planned for another trip to langkawi. the next time we aim for Pulau Payar..i really hope to experience snorkeling there.i also had a chance to spend rm150 for my fav.chocolate at Langkawi.we went back to Kuala Kedah on the same day .. Thanks to pakcik Jan & Family, Yasmin, mak Chak', Aunty Wah and Siti for this wonderful holiday..