Sunday, November 23, 2008

Visiting Toowomba

28th October..with lots of food in the house, Mak Ngah prepared lunch and we had it at Anjas's (a friend) in Gathens,a peaceful place about 1hr drive from abg abdul's house.along the way i can see the country side of Brisbane.wide area of fruits & vegetables farm,dairy farm and also drop by Big orange where they sell fresh veggies and fruits.we head to Toowomba and shop at a plaza. Then we go to Queenspark for the blooming flowers and Picnic Point for a mount view..


MariaFaizal said...

Nurul a.k.a Anne,does your aunt provide 'home stay' for outsider? I'm planning to go to Aussie wz abg Faizal but we don't plan to go the usual cities.More to countryside (no, no more outback adventure :).More like 2nd honeymooning wz cozy weather & flowers everywhere..If yes,for how much?

anne said...

hey kak maria..planning to go aussie?wow!that's great!go during spring time around october..the weather is just nice and flowers are everywhere.About the home stay? aunt and i actually stayed at my cousin's place.he is a student there and shared an apartment with his only have 2 no no for honeymooners..i guess..hehehe