Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spring in Australia

27th October..From China Town to Darra we shop for groceries.Lots of fruits, fresh veggies,and Chinese.we also stop by a park where there's a lot of jakaranda, a tree with purple flowers as in the was lovely.they were just in front of a row of houses.fantastic view! Then,Abg Abdul introduce me to DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) where i hopelessly fell in love with..nobody can resist the perfume shop.i grab my Marc Jacob perfume there.time is so limited coz all shop are closed by 5pm.i only spend 2 hrs there browsing kate hill's handbags,sherriden's collection,shoes, perfume and many more.My first trip to DFO injected a shopping virus in me.i'm already addicted to DFO!

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