Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sea World here we go!

29th October was the most tiring day of all. i've never walked that far in Malaysia. But it's worth it!So many experience gained and this is the day i started to appreciate Malaysian Food.Pagi-pagi, we went to Seaworld one of the "must go world" in Brisbane.we were lucky we got the front row parking lot. it's amazing coz the parking lot was full even on Wednesday a working day!Inside Seaworld of course there's sea creatures.i get to watch Seal lion show, Dolphin Show and Jetski show.A new respect for the sea lion and the dolphins, they were so smart and adorable. The weather was quite hot so i got tan.Jalan pun banyak..sampai 2 rounds.For lunch i had beef burger.i only take two bites and that's it!Yuks!cannot go..oo....Then we ride on the cable car and take a lot of pictures.Ada little penguin, polar bear, sharks, nemo and friends,star fish and many more..later that day abg abdul drove to surfer's paradise.i walk down the road and shop for gifts at a Malaysian Chineese shop.A lot of good stuff there and tourists ramai sgt.Got branded shops all along so i just grab few shirts from Hard Rock Cafe.Then we go to the Beach which is just a few steps from the city. As it's named. truly a surfers paradise!pasir halus like icing sugar, air sejuk like ice water, tempting waves.if only i'm not in jeans..i'll be in the water oredi..on our way back we singgah at a malay restaurant called Maharani..i had nasi goreng kampung pedas which i tought 3-4 batang cili padi la.i actually asked the waiter@owner "how pedas is your pedas?" and he answered "Saya ckp melayu kan saya org melayu so saya guna cili padi la".it turns out sepeket cili padi blended!fuh..menangis!Nak maki pun ada!tapi belasah je la..dah lapar nasi.then we all balik laa.

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