Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My brother just got engaged!

Congrats' dear syan & sara. I wish u all happiness & wealth. Thank you for making me realize that i'm actually 28 and not married! Amazingly i discovered a talent that i never explore before. I did all the flowers and deco for hantaran. Although it takes time but i managed. I'm so excited and very happy that everyone loves it too. Purple and silver is the color mum choose.She gave me a sample and i just create a new design of flowers..Preparation starts two months before the event.Spending weekends looking for beeds and patels are quite tiring but interesting. One week before heading to Terengganu, mak ngah n mak tok came for preview..Good feedback..mum like we are prepared. 4th July we went to terengganu and stayed at Seri Indah Resort. Nice place with big pool and very near to the beach.most importantly comfortable. First thing mum did was shopping!hehehe! No!We went to Pasar Payang and just go through quickly.Only after the event we shop for batik. Some photos from preparation days and on the engagement day.

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PIJA a.k.a pijot said...

congrats to shan...amboi dh pandai anne buat hantaran yek...pas nie leh bukak butik, akak nk join lah...buat marketing...hehehe!