Saturday, December 9, 2006


Cinta..a beautiful love story i watched today at TGV with kak fyza.Very touching laaa..tangkap nangis!even though its been weeks in cinema, still penuh panggung!..even pak aji pun pegi tengok wayang gak.For me,citer ni different from citer melayu lain..tak slow..flow dia cantik.scenery dia very interesting.casting superb!All 5 story in 1 movie ni ada its own speciality.I like Cinta Rashidi to Rita Rudaini(Haris&Airin)the most.Paling sedih is the part when anak dia nangis nak ikut ayah dia..i think the songs really gives more impact.then the part when kakak(nanu)died after sacrificing her life to her only brother.ada gak part lawak..Overall i bagi 7/10 bintang!My advice, go watch this movie at cinema..

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